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The Africa Film Academy with support from the Lagos state government is conducting a 6-week intense training on Acting, Art Directing, Directing, Light, Scriptwriting, Creative Design For Film, Make Up For Film, Post-production, Production, Sound production.

A Minimum Of An Ordinary National Diploma (OND) is required for Scriptwriting and a minimum of Higher National Diploma required for Directing Class.
Upload a copy of Official Academic Transcript, Diploma or Certificate (PNG, JPG or PDF not more than 10mb) with the document properly named.
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· Acting CVs without a professional picture will not be considered.
· There’s a specific format for an acting CV, please do your research and deliver in the correct format.
· Show reels are not compulsory but REALLY HELPS. If you don’t have a show reel, please add your Instagram handle or other work links to view your performances.
· If you are not an experienced actor and you are a Lawyer, an Accountant, or any other Career Professional, please create something to showcase your Acting Talent and Performance Ability.
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Write down summaries for 3 short film ideas. The ideas must be your own and should not be summaries of films that you’ve seen. Give each film a title and write a summary of the story in no more than 150 words for each story. Do not write camera angles into your stories. Focus on telling a good story with a beginning, middle and an end. 
2.  Write two short scenes (no longer than one page in total) from one of your short film ideas. The scenes should include action-description and dialogue between 2 or more characters.
Upload your writing as one document (Word or PDF only).
What has drawn you to producing films?
What kind of films do you want to produce?
What skills and experiences do you bring to the task (e.g. life, education, and hands-on experience)?
Tell us something about your background and values as they relate to your desire to produce films. (Maximum of 500 words)
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